Adult Therapy

Coping with issues related to divorce, co-parenting, and litigation can be exceptionally stressful. Often parents find working with a skilled therapist helpful in managing the emotional roller coaster that they find themselves on. Our availability for therapy appointments is limited due to the number of court ordered cases we are involved with, but we routinely have some openings as clients transition through services. We do not bill insurance directly, but will provide a statement of services so that clients can seek insurance reimbursement if desired.

Family Therapy

Unfortunately there are times where parents have difficulty to the point tension spills over to their children, or where interparental conflict causes other impairments across the family system, including unresolved issues leading to children resisting contact with a parent. Dr. Robb sees a limited number of clients for family therapy, including "reunification" or "reintigration" services. Family therapy involves assisting everyone in the family, adults and children alike, cope with difficult transitions and maximize healthy outcomes. It requires the active involvement of all family members, including both co-parents, even when the primary issues are focused on one parent-child relationship in particular.

Individual Children's Therapy

Dr. Robb only sees children for individual therapy or extended therapeutic assessment under court appointment. Because children's issues do not exist in a vaccuume he generally requires the active paticipation of both parents during the intake process and in ongoing parent consultation (although parent appointments can occur seperately from each other if needed). Dr. Robb limits the number of individual child clients he sees at any given time; while adult clients may understand the need to cancel a session because of a call to appear at court or a hearing which ran longer than anticipated, children often do not understand and can be further burdened by clinicians who overcommit. Please have your attorney contact the office to inquire about his availability and fit for your specific child or children.


Our associates provide child custody evaluation and adoption evaluation services for family law cases through our agency, and also provide therapeutic services in their own practices. Because of our various histories with insurance panels, grants, county contracts, etc., where the focus has been on working with individual providers, the professional staff at Forensic Counseling Services manage their clinical services individually.