Litigation Assistance

Case Review, Consultation, and Expert Witness services are offered only to attorneys representing litigants in a case, and not to pro se parties or attorneys representing themselves. Should the retaining attorney withdraw from the case our services would also be terminated. Generally cases are accepted initially as a consultant in a reviewing role, to provide an independent expert opinion regarding specific issues in a case or as an academic expert to review particular issue areas in the social sciences. Whether Dr. Robb later serves an expert witness regarding his opinions depends on the merits of the case, the intended use of such testimony, and the attorney's request for such services.If retained in a consulting role to assist in advocating an attorney's position Dr. Robb will not provide expert witness testimony.

Case Review and Consultation

Confidential input from an experienced forensic counselor can help attorneys frame cases, especially when there are complicated mental health and family systems issues involved. Review of procedural issues, standards of care, professional guidelines, and the current body of psycho-social research literature can help attorneys better evaluate the reliabiliy and relevance of previously rendered opinions from mental health providers and their impact on litigation. Such input can also help attorneys better frame the narrative of their case, both by understanding complex social science issues and how those issues might be best explicated.

Expert Witness Testimony

Up to date, research based testimony may often be necessary in complicated family law cases. To meet the Daubert standard attorneys know they need an expert with more than just academic credentials or clinical experience. Does the social science data your opposing counsel cites really say what they think it says, or are they simply parroting the ipse dixit of a well-meaning but under-informed neophyte, or the folk wisdom of an "expert" who is decades out of date? Our training, experience and ongoing review of relevant literature can help bring clarity to complex family law issues.